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Learning and Development Programs

Peace Centered Services offers life coaching, workshops, and programs for children ages 6 - 12 years to help them build positive self-esteem, unstoppable confidence, and resilience so they can navigate the ups and downs of life successfully.

I am a certified WISDOM Coach™ and use the WISDOM System for Coaching Kids™

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Professional Development

Peace Centered Services offers professional development workshops and courses specializing in training current and new educators on the importance of adopting Mindset Transformation Skills, Self-Care, & Conflict Resolution Skills in their professional and personal lives so they can lead happy, successful peace-centered lives and impact the lives of their students positively.


Workshops and courses can be personalized based on the needs of the educators or school.


Motivational Speaking

Certified, Motivational Speaker who inspires; children, teens/young adults, and professionals to embrace a life of resilience.


I was formally trained and mentored by nationally known Motivational Speaker, Dr. Les Brown.

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