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Coaching Method

I am a certified WISDOM Coach™ and use the WISDOM System for Coaching Kids™

“All programs are based on a proven coaching model called The WISDOM System for Coaching Kids™. What makes this model so powerful is that I use storytelling and experiences to help children develop powerful mindset skills for transformation”

In addition, to help reinforce these skills, I use critical thinking questions, engaging discussions, role-play, music, fun activities, and incorporate activities to build Emotional Intelligence.

 The WISDOM System for Coaching Children consists of 5 programs that teach children 27 powerful mindset skills  so they can create happiness, confidence, and success in their lives.

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MindPower™ Program

W – Wire your mind for happiness, confidence, and success in life.

Children learn to develop an empowered way of thinking. They learn that their thoughts create their lives and that they have the power to choose their thoughts and they learn the brain science behind it.

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InnerPower™ Program

I – Identify who you want to be and what you want for your life

Children learn to develop their inner compass – their inner guidance system for who they want to be in the world.


They develop core values of self-leaders (self-responsibility, integrity, respect, and self-respect) and learn how to say no to peer pressure and yes to themselves.