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"Dr. Nwabuzor has a fantastic ability to connect with the students and was constantly looking for ways to advance her knowledge in order to help the students even more. Her talent for teaching simple concepts, as well as more advanced topics, were always both truly superior to other teachers."

Karina, T. / ~Coordinator of Student Services, Garland Independent School District

"She always had something fun for us. She was always nice to us. She always brought something fun to do. She was so cool and awesome!"

Rhonda / ~8 years old

"You mentioned how words can cause genocide and it made me think that if words can destroy they can also heal and bring life. So that challenges me to use my words to bring life to others. Your self-care and self-talk toolkit was also very insightful as well!"

Ashley N. / ~Medical Student

"I really liked the sessions because it taught me self-confidence, taught me not to be negative, not to be mean, just to be yourself and say nice things about yourself."

/ ~9.5 year old boy

"She absolutely LOVED TODAY! And she's mentioned points from your sessions several times today. Thank you so much for being you and absolutely amazing with children and preparing them to conquer their future."

Mother of / ~8.5 yr old girl

"They really enjoyed the coaching sessions. When some of my son's classmates were saying to him that they were nervous about the concert, he said to them "think positively and make sure you don't stay in CANTVILLE during the concert!"

Mother of / ~6 year old girl and 8 year old boy

"I was calling to tell you she really liked the session. When I came back from work, she was like " Mommy thank you for signing me up for the confidence class. I really liked it!"

Mother of / ~11-year old girl

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