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Professional Development Workshops

Peace Centered Services offers the following workshops and courses to help current and new educators to adopt Mindset Transformation Skills, Self-Care, and Conflict Resolution Skills in their professional and personal lives so they can lead happy, successful peace-centered lives and impact their students positively.


Mindfulness for Mental Health, Self Care, & Inner Peace Workshop

Educators give A LOT of themselves and tend to think about their self-care last. This is a workshop that will give educators the tools to help them be intentionally peace-centered in the classroom and at home. 


Educators will learn to:

  • Create new supporting beliefs which help in creating an environment of inner calm and peace

  • Be mindful of their thoughts so they can be peace-centered and feel empowered daily

  • Manage fears, anxiety, and worry

  • Make good decisions

  • Feel contented and release stress daily


Overcome Negative Self-Talk Masterclass Course or Workshop

Positive Self-Talk is a very important factor in maintaining a healthy and strong mindset that works for you.


Educators will learn:

  • The steps necessary to begin changing their self-talk immediately and
    empower themselves whenever their inner critic shows up.

  • How to set goals that work effectively despite the presence of negative

  • How to reduce the presence of negative self-talk and act on their goals.

  • How to build positive self-esteem and not get side-tracked by their inner critic.


Overcome Imposter Syndrome & Manage Fears Workshop (For New Educators)

As a former public school educator, I understand very well the emotions new
educators experience in their first year of teaching.


From my personal experience and my keen observation, imposter syndrome holds and prevents people from pursuing and achieving their dreams.  Fear plays a factor in Imposter Syndrome too.


The second half of the workshop will focus on the 5 step process of Managing Fears.


Overcome Self-Doubt & Embrace Positive Self-Esteem Workshop

As a former public school educator and especially in my first year of teaching, self-doubt was a factor as I sometimes second-guessed my abilities. This workshop will help educators:

  • Almost instantly increase their self-esteem

  • Help them reduce insecure feelings about their abilities to help students

  • Empowered to trust their inner compass

  • Give them confidence to continue pursuing their vision and biggest goals



Overcome Anxiety Guide Workshop

Are your educators:

  1. Anxious about state testing and the performance of your students?

  2. Anxious about your first day or year of teaching?

  3. Overwhelmed with all that is necessary to ensure student success?

  4. Anxious about the well-being of your staff?

This workshop is ideal for you!  Educators will learn:

  •  About Thinking Traps

  • Techniques to reduce anxiety

  • Halt self-beat-up thoughts

  • How to know and track their anxious thoughts

  • Reduce perfectionist tendencies

  • Identify the causes of their anxiety

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