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IB Dabo

Keynote Speaker

Ibrahim (IB) Dabo is a resilient and determined former refugee who has overcome major obstacles throughout his life. Growing up in Sierra Leone, he became fatherless at the age of 3 and later escaped a brutal civil war at age 14. Despite the challenges, IB remained committed to his dream of becoming an inspiring and transformational leader.

At the age of 17, IB defied the odds as a refugee in The Gambia to become a journalist and Africa Correspondent for a large NYC-based global media company. He now hosts the Purpose Graciously Revealed podcast, where he shares his story as an inspirational speaker to empower others to find purpose out of misfortune.

IB's experiences with bullying and hearing loss have only strengthened his resolve to show others that obstacles don't have to define them. He believes that it's not about what happens to you, but how you respond to it. IB emphasizes the importance of compassion, leadership, and most importantly, purpose.

In addition to his podcast, IB has held several leadership positions in his church and global organizations. In 2022, he was appointed by the governor of Georgia as a commissioner for the Georgia Commission for the Deaf or Hard of Hearing. He also serves on the board of directors of the Hearing Loss Association of America, where he advocates for access, equity, and opportunity for the deaf and hard of hearing in America.

When he's not advocating for others, IB enjoys spending time with his wife Joy and their three children, Gloria, Nyakeh, and Joshua. He is also a competitive Scrabble player and loves to eat homemade food.


Visit to learn more about IB’s work.

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