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Gincy Hartin


My name is Gincy (pronounced jin’-see), and I currently reside in Oak Lawn, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. As a songwriter, guitarist, producer, and recording artist whose musical journey began more than thirty years ago, I’ve recently rediscovered my passion for

music, and I’ve been reinvigorated by a renewed sense of purpose.


I believe that music has the power to transform our world and to leave a lasting impact on humanity, and my goal is to write songs that, in some small way, will accomplish these two objectives.


Most of my songs are centered on the themes of peace, love, understanding, and unity – virtues that seem to be lacking in our world.


Like other parents who are raising children in today’s polarized political environment, I’m concerned about what kind of world my

daughters will be living in, and whether they can survive in it after I’ve departed this life.


I’ve decided to use my musical ability to become part of the solution, by doing everything I can to be an agent of change, an ambassador

of peace, and an instrument of love. 

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