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Emmanuel Nwabuzor


Emmanuel Nwabuzor is a smart nine-year-old third-grader who enjoys inventing and building things.


A passionate and avid reader, Emmanuel loves to ask questions and is interested in anything concerning history. His teachers have said he is a joy to teach because he is an astute student who works hard and takes pride in his work.


Emmanuel enjoys playing soccer, reading, solving math problems, watching movies, traveling to new destinations, eating at restaurants, and playing with his three brothers.


His toy stuffed turtle, Polka Dot, is always by his side. Recently, he achieved #1 Best Selling Status with his debut book, “Emmanuel and Polka Dot: Best Friends Conquer Kindergarten!” available on Amazon.


He has several manuscripts in the works that he would like to share with the world.


He aspires to be an entrepreneur.

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